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Robert B. Warren



Robert B. Warren holds undergraduate degrees from the Universities of Montreal and Oxford. He earned his law degree from the University of Toronto.


Professional Experience


Robert’s legal career spanned four decades. His practice focused on the regulation of businesses, chiefly in the environmental and energy sectors. He has represented clients in a variety of regulatory proceedings, and in appeals and applications for judicial review from the decisions in those proceedings. He has advised local distribution electricity utilities, municipalities, and public interest groups on regulatory matters, including governance issues.


Robert appeared as counsel in dozens of the most important Ontario Energy Board proceedings. He is one of the most experienced and respected energy regulatory lawyers in Ontario.


He has written and presented extensively on regulatory governance issues. 


Recent Publications 


Robert B. Warren, “The Governance of Regulatory Agencies: A Case Study of the Ontario Energy Board,” Council for Clean and Reliable Energy, January 2015. 


Robert B. Warren, “Regulating Utility Governance: An Analysis of the Ontario Energy Board’s Role,” Mowat Publication 129 (2016): 1-25. 


Paul B. Sommerville and Robert B. Warren, “Representing Consumers’ Interests in Ontario’s Energy Sector,” Mowat Publication 144 (2017): 1-31. 


Robert B. Warren, “The Avista and East-West Tie Cases, and their Implications for the Governance of the Electricity Sector in Ontario,” Energy Regulation Quarterly 7, no. 2 (July 2019). 


Robert B. Warren and Karen Taylor, “Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan: CCRE Submission,” Council for Clean and Reliable Energy Publications, April 26, 2021. 


Robert B. Warren, “The Governance of Regulatory Agencies: A Further Case Study of the Ontario Energy Board,” Robert B. Warren Regulatory Governance Blog, October 2021. 


Sample Conference Presentations 


“The Role of Government in the Electricity Sector,” 2013 Energy Leaders Roundtable of the Council for Clean & Reliable Energy, April 2013. 


“Regulatory Developments and the Impact on Consumers, Business and the Environment,” CI Energy Group’s 4th Annual Ontario Power Conference, April 2015.


Robert B. Warren and Daniel P. Ferguson, “Corporate Governance for Municipally-Owned Local Distribution Electricity Distribution Utilities,” April 2016.


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